Whale Shark I call "SPOT"

Spot in 2004 by Tarek Taher - first photo
Spot in 2006 photo by Manolis on our 2nd day 8th May


Janet said…
Hello Reef Chief! I continue to be amazed and impressed by your incredible photos of the Red Sea. I am curious: Have you found any turtle nestings? What about dolphin homes? I see you found the whale sharks. What else do you hope to identify on this expedition? Any surprises? Please eep us informed, we are follwoing your journey closely as it is the most intriguing expedition on the Red Sea! Best regards.
Reef Chief said…
Yes, yes&yes, we got lucky, if you go to our latest postings you ll see turtle mating& nesting, we got caught in a storm 80nm, we are 130nm from home,tomorrow am in sha Allah, thanx 4 following our expedition.tt
Erica said…
What a beautiful fish. This shark is very unique.

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