Farasan Expedition

We left Jeddah at 0600H May 7, 2006 - the start of the red sea expedition. Its major intention is to film coral reefs and underwater creatures and also photograph birds and islands of the red sea to make a movie “Red Sea My Planet” Part 2 and Part 3 in order to raise awareness in the preservation of the beautiful red sea. Among the crew are: Myself – the skipper, the director and photographer of the expedition; Manolis Klimataras as first mate; Aristotle Dadiz as chief engineer and camera assistant, Panagiotis Korianitis as chief engineer too, Hattan, my good friend who volunteered to be in charge of getting some fresh fish; and Abdulrahman Hakeem as my dive buddy. Our first port of destination is Al Lith for refuel. Along the way to Al Lith, we had various stops for dive locations and filmed underwater and took photographs. We visited amazing dive sites, identified many migratory and resident sea birds, dolphin homes, turtle nesting, whale shark and sharks, live coral, animonis, soft coral, many remote reefs and islands. In my way of preserving these areas for marine life - I don't intend to reveal locations of these areas. I hope all of you can appreciate that.

Soon, once we are home we will upload video clips of many amazing underwater videos. And soon after - we will release "Red Sea My Planet Part II"(Final Cut) and "Red Sea My Planet Part III" (Music Video)


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