8th Day

that's what happens when you sleep on the wheel!!


Reef Chief said…
I guess that the reason for the block was the photos of the birds,,get it (BIRDS), yes we are trying to unblock it, and thanks for your comments, I look forward to you joining us on our next expedition as discussed.

Thanx Capt.Sarantis, you are funny, we're not asleep at the wheel either,we need to find more ancient wrecks, wouldn't that be great? regards to the crew.

Thanx, I appreciate your comments, our environment is our responsiblity, it is the only one we got, it is worth preserving, 2moro nite we will be searching for turtle nesting, we may get lucky and post some photos. in a few minutes our reefchief scientist Abdullah Alsuhaibany is going to post scientific information about redsea SEA birds using the photos i took, and some of his, I have identified 5 species, there are 17 species in the red sea.

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